It’s always Sunny at the North Point Market

By Angel Salado & Donovan Hasson


Patrons, who walk into North Point Market are always greeted with a welcoming “Buddy!” followed by “how are you?” If you just casually walk by North Point Market it would probably just seem like your average corner store, but to the Galileo students, North Point Market is known for its owner Sunny and his welcoming personality.

Many students come to North Point Market because of Sunny’s friendliness. Sunny always greets his customers with a smile & warm welcome.He is known for lending a hand, especially to Galileo students as he is willing to give IOUS to his regular customers knowing that some students need lunch but may not have brought money that day. Being a father himself & having his youngest daughter at the store, Sunny would not want her to be hungry and lends a hand to some of his regular customers so they won’t be hungry.
Sunny came to the United States at the age of 20 Sunny was quick to get into the workforce as he had a number of family members who owned businesses already & helped him find a job.

Some of the places he worked at include a gas station, a convenience store as well as a restaurant. Sunny picked up different skills while working in all these different types of businesses.
Sunny then decided to use the experience he had gained over the years to open up his own store. When Sunny found the North Point and Polk location he noticed that the previous owner had left the corner store unattended and empty. Sunny then decided to became the owner of the North Point Market and started remodeling it.
Now running the store for five years Sunny had been most known for his three dollar slices of pepperoni pizza that brought a large number of Galileo students running to Sunny’s store during lunch.

However recent price spikes in products left Sunny in a tight bargaining spot knowing buying pizza at a higher price would mean charging students more money for a slice of pizza. Knowing that the increase in price for pizza would not bring Sunny or the Galileo students any benefit, he stopped selling pizza. Sunny now seeing the effect of stopping his pizza sells caused hundreds of hungry students that lined up in front of his store disperse into other local businesses.

 Galileo students have really only good things to say about Sunny. Junior Bryan F said, “Sunny is very nice and the store is convenient.” Randy adds,  “the store is close and has good products.”

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