College Poll

With acceptance letters coming out since March, many seniors are anxious to know what colleges they have been admitted to. Galileopress asked seniors, “what are some colleges that you got accepted to?”

“I got into University of San Francisco.” – Sophia C.

“I got into UC Irvine, Cal Poly (Slo), Cal Poly (Ponoma), and McGill (Montreal).” – Clay F.

“I got into Chapman University, Cal Poly (SLO), UC Riverside, Whittier, and Clark (Vancouver).”           Christine L.










“I got into Center College (Kentucky)” – Julio P.

“I got into Sonoma State, University of Hawaii at Monoa, San Francisco State, & San Jose State”      Andrea R.


“I got into UC Merced, San Jose State, Sonoma State, and University of SF.” – Fela A.

“I got into Texas Southern University.” -Brittany R.

“I got into UC Irvine, San Francisco State, San Diego State, San Jose State, Sonoma State, Center College (Kentucky), and Seattle University.” Yuyang Z.

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