Galileo Sneakerheads

“It’s gotta be the shoes.” This phrase becomes more and more popular as each year sneakers become more well known in pop culture. The phrase “sneakerhead” is used to refer to a person who is a sneaker enthusiast & someone who is passionate about shoes. At Galileo, more than a handful of students can be seen wearing a shoe by Jordan Brand, or Nike, or even Adidas, but only a few of them have an undying love for shoes and embody the true meaning of being a sneakerhead.
Senior Suzy Villarreal loves shoes, but she doesn’t enjoy being labeled the term “sneakerhead” because she wants to be seen as an individual and not lumped into a category with anyone with a numbers of shoes. Instead, Suzy enjoys having shoes, and just being a part of the sneaker culture.  

Suzy began collecting shoes when she was in 6th grade. The first pair of sneakers she had were the Jordan Cardinal 7’s, that her parents bought for her, and her collection has grown to around 20 pairs of shoes. She likes opening her closest and just looking at all the different boxes; she feels like it reflects her personality. Although she only has about 20 shoes, Suzy doesn’t see the amount that defines her as a “shoe enthusiast,” rather the value, and their meaning. Like all collectors, there are a pair of shoes she has her eye on. She said, “I really want some Yeezy 750s, or I really want some New Balances. Just something comfortable, but something nobody has.”

To Suzy, shoes show so much more than just something on your feet. She says, “They define so much of who I am, and it’s becoming more of a lifestyle, I enjoy learning about new shoes, or shoes I’ve never heard or seen of.”

She all find a thrill from adding to her collection. She says, “Collecting shoes is more of a hobby, something that I look forward to, like standing in line for a limited product.”

Similar to Suzy, Junior Victor Palmer is all about the shoes, with around 40 pairs, but he’s also very involved with the high fashion. The shoes he wore while being interviewed, “Gucci Ace”, embroidered low-top sneaker, retail for around $620. It’s not the hype of the shoe that made Victor interested in getting these, it’s the exclusiveness. How many people can say they own a pair of high end sneakers?

The Jordan, “Fire Red 4’s,” ignited Victor’s collection and he has been evolving his sneaker interests ever since the fourth grade. He says, “It’s not just about the shoes, it’s about what I like, and what interests me.” Victor began collecting shoes because it gave him something to do and something he can match his outfits with.

If he was to go through anyone’s collection, he said it would be, “The Perfect Pair, because he has so many exclusives, and never before seen shoes.” With people like The Perfect Pair having a “Holy Grail” type sneaker collection, it only makes Victor aspire to be like him, but with his own touch and style. Victor doesn’t enjoy much of the hype, rather he enjoys collecting shoes that he likes.  “Having shoes get’s me excited, especially having the best shoes.”

Victor mimic his style and choice of fashion after music famous ASAP Rocky. “I collect shoes because it reminds me of the feeling when I first bought them, and especially later on, I’ll be able to look back and remember all of my memories.”

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