Big Updates to Food Program in Galileo

By Stephanie Ho and Joseline Saucedo

Huge changes have been made and will continue to be made with the food program and cafeteria at Galileo. Thanks to Jennie Lee, the Manager of Operations and Dining at SFUSD, a new food program has come to Galileo which includes; adding a vending machine and mobile cart, constantly changing the menu, & redoing the cafeteria. Students at Galileo may have already noticed a number of these changes that have taken place already, while other changes will continue to be made soon.

The changes are part of the SFUSD’s plans to make food both tastier and more nutritious for students. Galileo cafeteria manager, Jorge Mancera, in speaking about these new additions to the cafeteria said, “We strive to get kids healthy and tasty food. We change the menus every four months.”

In addition to the rotating menu, a vending machine was added around 3 months ago as part of the new food program. The purpose of the new vending machine is to cater to the students who are really hungry and don’t have time to line up for hot lunch. Getting food from the vending machine is very easy and simple. Jorge explains, “The students put their ID in and they can get the food. We always have two food choices making it easy and fast for students.”

Besides the vending machine, the school has also added mobile carts as part of the new food program. The cart, which is set up in the courtyard, is added for students who don’t like to go to the cafeteria as a way to offer them another option. “Some kids don’t like to get food from the cafeteria so we added a mobile cart serving food outside for them,” said Jorge.

Another major change in this program is the food itself. Currently, Galileo has new menus that change around every four months. The menus differ from location to location: in the cafeteria and the courtyard. The menu also includes a vegetarian option perfect for students who would prefer that type of food. According to Jorge, the new program has helped increase the number of students eating school lunch. Approximately 25% more students are now eating school lunches than there were at the beginning of the year.

The biggest change has yet to happen still as the cafeteria will undergo remodeling. During spring break, the cafeteria will be remodeled with a brand new floor, a new paint job, and new seats and tables. Galileo principal, Dr. Reimer, plans to make the cafeteria more suitable as a cafeteria for high schoolers. Other ideas that they are considering adding to the cafeteria may be cushions or sofas, and signs as part of the remodeling. Many of these changes are influenced by teachers, who received the opportunity to voice their opinions in a survey regarding the school, including the cafeteria.

Despite all of the work that has gone into improving the food program at Galileo, many students are not completely aware of all the changes that are happening. Jorge, along with people in charge of the program, would like more advertising so that the students become more aware about the improvements that come with the new SFUSD food program.

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