Headgear Poll

Here at Galileo a lot of students like to wear something on their head to keep them self warm and to be fashionable. Galileopress went around asking students what they wear on their head on a daily basis or occasionally and why they chose to wear that specific headgear.

“I like to wear a beanie because I have so much hair and out of place and I’m just not comfortable showing other people. My big brother influenced me to wear my beanie. I bought it from the volleyball team.” – Freshman Alex O.

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“I wear a hat. I also wear baseball caps, beanies, and head bands. I influenced myself. I wear them because they keep my head warm. I don’t know how much they are because I don’t buy my headgear.”- Freshman Lotus










“I wear a blue bandanna. My girlfriend bought it for me so I decided to wear it.” – Sophomore Ronald F.

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 “Yes, I do a wear a headgear. I wear a pink headband. I don’t how much this cost me because my aunt made this for me. No one influenced me to. I wear this headband because it keeps my head warm.” – Sophomore Nayeli M.

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“I wear a white bandanna. It looks dope and I borrowed it from my friend. I wear it cause it looks dope.” – Junior Miguel C.








“I wear Black Nike Dad Hat. I bought it for $30 online. I chose to wear this head gear because I like it and it looked nice. I wouldn’t want anyone to wear it because I don’t like people wearing the same things I wear.” – Junior Tina Y.









”I like to wear hats because I rock them. No one influenced me. I wore this on my own. I got this hat at Lids on Black Friday. I bought it for $15. I wore this Sox hat first.” – Senior Kyle L.




I wear hats. No one influenced me. I guess the sun influenced me because I like to shade my face from the sun. I bought my headgear for 40 dollars in Las Vegas. I think other people should wear it too because it goes with any outfit.“- Senior Isabel B.IMG_5161

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