Volleyball Coach Returns to lead Experienced Team

Four years after stepping aside as head coach of the Galileo Boys Varsity team, Coach Mark Huynh is back again to try and help lead the Lions back to the playoffs again and hopefully bring home a championship. Coach Mark’s transition back to head coach should be made easier by the fact that the team returns the majority of the players from last year. These players know that Coach Mark is looking for a more focused attitude from the team in order to help them achieve their goals.

Sr OH, Michael Ouyang skies for a kill at the Wilcox Tournament.

Coach Mark originally stepped down from being the head coach in 2012 to make room for former player, Anthony Lam to become head coach.  However, this year Coach Lam graduated college and now has a real job which doesn’t allow him the time to coach. Although he isn’t the head coach anymore, Coach Lam still has time to come back to be an assistant coach. “Anthony doesn’t have time to be head coach, but he does comeback and help out during practices,” said Coach Mark.

Although Coach Lam had played under Coach Mark, players can tell the difference in their coaching style. Under Coach Mark, players feel that practice is more serious, that he expects more out of the players, but they also feel like they’re learning more from him. Senior outside hitter, Bryan Lam says, “Practices are more about teaching new strategies and techniques & less about scrimmaging.”

Sr libero, Zachary Mendoza getting in position to make a pass.

As for the team itself, there hasn’t been much of an adjustment because the majority of them have been playing on the team together. “Most of us have been playing with each other for almost three years together,” said senior setter, Yuhua Qiu.  “Some of us have been in the same team for a couple years but we also have a lot new volleyball players and majority of them are tall which is good but they have a lot of catching up to do,” added senior outside hitter, Michael Ouyang.

With the confidence the team has in each other and their new coach, the team believes they have what it takes to win in the playoffs and make it to the championship.  “They’re improving more and more during practices so we have a chance to get to the championship,” said Coach Mark. “If we continue to work hard and we might be able to reach our goal of the championship,” added Ouyang.

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