Trending Now: Ripped Jeans

The fashion world goes in cycles as Kanye West and Jerry Lorenzo are bringing back an old trends from the late 1980s.


Senior Eric T.

Ripped jeans are denim jeans were there are rips and tears usually on the knee, but the rips can be found just about anywhere on the front of the jeans. Rips on jeans used to be simple holes only on the knee area, but more recently rips can be found everywhere: knees, thighs, shins, pockets. Ripped jeans have been around for some time now, but suddenly more people are wearing it.

Ripped jeans are most popular among teenagers and young adults. Although females wear it more often, males also wear it. It’s trendy because celebrities wear have them, and most young people want to look cool like them.



Senior Jyoty D.

Ripped jeans add style to a simple pair of jeans, giving it more life rather than just a plain pair of jeans. 

Because ripped jeans are becoming so popular, some people are cutting holes themselves on an older pair of jeans that they don’t really wear anymore. This is so they can wear them again and saves money.

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