A “Sailway” to Success

While the homecoming dance and winter ball were disappointments with very low attendance at each, Galileo’s boat dance, “Sail Away” on March 11th, was the first successful dance that made money this year. The line to get onto the boat wrapped around the nearby building, as nearly 300 participants excitedly waited to enjoy a night out on the bay.

Junior class sponsor, Mr. Welch, was pleased with the way the event turned out overall, taking everything into consideration. He said, “Everything went pretty well. It helped that the planning started very early, right around the beginning of school, so we would not get too stressed out. It was also my first time being in charge of a big event like this so it was a good experience.”

33413228695_c59ba302b6_kMr. Welch also mentioned that planning the dance wasn’t as stressful once they reserved; the boat, since after that, they only had little details to plan. Additionally, he felt that the class officers deserve a lot of the credit. He said, “The officers worked very well together and it we were happy with how it came out.”

Even with all of the success of the dance, there are things that Mr. Welch & the officers wish they had done differently. He said, “ I wish we had better promotion so people knew more about it in advance. If more people knew, we could have sold more tickets and had it a little more crowded”

As for the dance itself, many of the juniors thought the boat dance was only “okay”, particularly due to the DJ being subpar.  Junior Emma K said, “It was aight. But the DJ was not good. Hanging out with my friends was cool.”

While the DJ seemed to be the main complaint, most attendees didn’t realize that the DJ was hired was found last minute. The officers had trouble finding a DJ because the original DJ they wanted wasn’t available, and then they went to SOS, who were hard to contact, and so their 3rd option was the Washington High School DJ, who they ended up using.

33285086951_0e0996f38f_zDespite the Dj not being that popular the officers still believed things went well overall. They thought there was going to be more people and not as many people as we thought were gonna go. I think everyone just likes boat dance more than other dances since this one is on a boat. Also, the chaperones were really nice but feel like they could’ve made more money and sold more ticket. Something we would change is the snacks because we were not as prepared we ran out of the water and that was not good.

People’s opinions

32570493124_95c6bc7bcb_kA lot of the seniors all agreed that all the last boat dance was very memorable and it could’ve been better but it was not bad. One of the juniors said  One of the guests that went to Lowell said “It was worth it. During the dance I stopped and realized that I was having fun, dancing with my two best friends (Brittany and Marjorie) although the music really sucked I still had fun!” – Dylan A.



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