Galileo Press Top 3: Talent Show

The 13th annual Galileo talent show was hosted by Futurama on March 24. The tremendous performances made fellow classmates & staff believe that this year’s talent show was one of the best in recent memory. After much deliberation the galileo press staff decided that these were the top 3 performances/acts of this years talent show.


  • Girls Flag Football (Dancing)

Girls flag football team showed an energetic and unexpected performance. The girls performance amazed and surprised the audience with something they have never seen before. The performance was something never seen before because the girls showed us an act that made the staff and fellow classmates shocked. WIth well choreographed routines, this was an astonishing performance.

  • Jyoty, Sam, and Jessica(Singing and playing piano)

Jyoty and Sam has performed in previous talent shows, but this year Jessica Huang decided to also show off her talents as well. These girls gracefully sang the song “Say you won’t let go” by James Arthur and “Shape of you” by Ed Sheeran. Their beautiful voices amazed the audience as always, but adding Jessica Huang’s unbelievable voice put this performance over the top. 

  • Galileo’s Lion Dance

Galileo’s Lion Dance put on a phenomenal and well coordinated performance. The performance really woke up the audience with their loud background drums and the brightness of lights on the lion. Their perfect timing in lifting and jumping showed off the hard-work this group put into perfecting their performance. 


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