The Truth about Promposals

Everyone’s seen or heard this same story at school; somebody intends on asking someone special to prom, so he or she creates a ‘special’ way to “prompose.” For example, one person tells the the other to meet out in the courtyard during lunch or after school. Once the other person shows up, the person asking has some type of poster, or visual presentation usually spelling out prom in some clever way with a large group of people cheering.

Promposals are everywhere; at school, on Youtube, on Twitter. Many people can’t get enough of these events because they think it’s sooooo sweet, but it isn’t. There is nothing wrong with asking someone to prom, but the way most people ask someone is plain cheesy and cringey. Love is nice, but it doesn’t need to be shoved in our face.  

On top of that, these “promposals” defeat their own purpose. Someone is being asked to prom, a question is asked when someone doesn’t know the answer to something. If a promposal is done in front of the whole school, that means that the person asking is confident that their special someone will say yes. Nobody would pop the question in the presence of a large crowd if there was a slight chance that it could end in rejection. Assuming that, what is the point of even asking that way? The person asking knows the answer, they just need to go ask! The people witnessing don’t feel any type of suspense either because they also know the person getting asked will just say yes. The yelling in the crowd is all just for show as well, the screamers just want others to acknowledge that they’re friends with the couple, for narcissistic reasons.

And why do people make a “promposal” public and elaborate? If a person asked another person in private, there would be a lot less pressure on the situation. This would allow the person being asked a chance to think more clearly and give a more honest answer, especially if he/she is unsure.

In my opinion, promposals don’t have to be big, or public. As long as the promposal is touching, and is solely created for the response of the person being asked, not the opinion of others, it’s okay. Because the relationship or even friendship that two people share is what matters, not being flashy.

A final thing to consider about promposals is that they’re getting old. More and more people are continuously hopping on the bandwagon to prompose in front of the school so why is it still considered special?  

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