Michael Ouyang Key To Galileo Volleyball Success


Senior outside hitter, M. Ouyang is a do-it-all third year varsity volleyball player.

As one of the best outside hitters on the boys Galileo Varsity Volleyball team, senior Michael O. will be the main key to Galileo’s chances at making playoffs & possibly the championship. With crushing spikes, pin-point passing, and a passion for playing volleyball, Michael has earned the respect and trust from his fellow teammates, and a main reason he was named captain of the team. 

Michael did not discover volleyball on his own, but first started playing when he was peer pressured into playing by one of his female friends. Since that time in the 7th grade where he was pressured into playing while on the school courtyard, he later transition to practicing volleyball in a local park in Chinatown. Michael says, “I started playing volleyball as a way to exercise, the more I kept playing I just enjoyed it.”  

Michael’s game was inspired after watching some volleyball highlights of a player name Earvin Ngapeth.”I try to copy some of things he does. He is a very good player and entertaining to watch,” said Michael.

Another way that Michael has improved his game is playing for a club team called “Dynasty.” While playing for Dynasty he has worked on his hitting, passing, and footwork. Michael says, “Dynasty has helped me get better because I get a lot more reps of hitting than in practice.” 

Before graduating Galileo, Michael hopes to bring a championship back to the school. He says, “Since it’s my last year I want to end my volleyball career a winner.” He also added that he wants to be the best outside hitter in the AAA. “I want to be known as the best outside hitter this year.” 

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