Farewell to Beloved Teacher Mr. Kavaler


A former English and ELD teacher at Galileo, Mr. Roger Kavaler recently passed away from lung cancer on March 13, 2017. Mr. Kavaler taught at Galileo from August 2005 to January 2013. While working at Galileo, Mr. Kavaler became ill with lung cancer & retired shortly afterward. According to those who knew him, teaching was his passion and he was devoted to his students.

The faculty that remembers Mr. Kavaler have fond memories of him. Admin assistant, Mrs. Grinnell stated, “He inspired people to learn and allowed students to take tests over and over again until they succeeded and he cheered on the students because he was a great supporter.” English teacher Ms. Wagner said, “When he was in the English department he had some little remarks and it was funny.” English teacher Ms. Peters agreed with Ms. Wager, “Whatever happened, Mr. Kavaler always kept us laughing with his favorite line, ‘just call it a pizza’.” And ELD department head, Ms. Golata said, “He was one of the friendliest, coolest dudes around. I’ve missed him since he left, and I’m sad he’s gone for good.”

Mr. Kavaler was born on October 25, 1951, and he became a teacher in 1980’s, teaching at both middle school and high school in the San Francisco Unified School District.

A memorial service to celebrate Mr. Kavaler’s life will be held on Saturday, April 29 at 11:30 in South San Francisco at Fort McKinley restaurant and Bar (101 Brentwood Dr.). All are welcomed to reminiscence or say something about Mr. Kavaler. Those who would like to donate money can do so at the Galileo Academy of Sciences, specifically to the ELD department or to lungcancer.org. If you would like to go, RSVP at alkavaler@gmail.com or (917) 886-8511.


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