The 3-Year High School Plan for Guerrero

After taking extra classes the last 2 years, including classes at City College of San Francisco, SF State and Galileo, 16 year-old Emiliano Guerrero, will be graduating this May with the class of 2017, a year ahead of when he’s supposed to graduate. Emiliano decided to graduate a year early because he didn’t feel Galileo suited him and he wanted to move on to the next step of his life as quickly as possible .

Emiliano had a number of people supporting and helping him plan out the courses he needed to take and where to take them. Specifically, Assistant Principal Mr. Emmi and 2018 counselor Ms. Sanchez helped Emiliano figure out where to take all of the extra classes. However, most of the research to find out the requirements he would need to graduate early Emiliano did on his own.

According to Emiliano, skipping a grade takes a lot of time and hard work, with essentially  no breaks in between. Emiliano says, “I wouldn’t recommend it, but I also don’t regret doing it”. Of all the classes Emiliano had to take he found one the most challenging. He says, “precalculus was the toughest class, because I’m bad at math”

On top of graduating a year early from high school, Emiliano also plans to graduate college a year ahead, which means he would be 19 years old when he earns his bachelor’s degree. Emiliano is pushing himself really hard because he wants to finish school faster.

Emiliano’s plans for college is to be away from the San Francisco, but to still stay in California because he wants to keep tuition low. However, he is having trouble deciding which college he wants to attend. He says, “I’m waitlisted for Santa Cruz, and got into a lot of State school, and University of Oregon, but I’m not sure which school I want to go to.” Although he doesn’t have a clear mind on which college he’s going to commit to, he does know what he wants to major in business.

Some people believe Emiliano’s dad,  Guadalupe Guerrero, deputy superintendent for the SFUSD, had some influence on Emiliano getting ahead in school. However Emiliano strongly disagreed. He responded, “No, I’m independent, it’s [getting ahead in school] just myself”.
Despite all the work he went through to graduate early, Emiliano doesn’t have many regrets, except one. He says, “I can’t go to prom because I don’t know anyone in the senior class”.

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