Boys Golf Trying To Get Back To Par

It’s been a tough couple of years for the Galileo Boys Golf team, as the team has struggled to find players and has been short on wins.The team always seems to be full of new faces and few returning players; however despite what many would consider a “rough patch” Head Coach Mr. Winterling sees hope in the near future and believes the team & the program are headed in the right direction.

This year’s team is somewhat of a mixed bag, consisting of mostly seniors, but a few freshman and juniors as well. They are led by All City member senior Ivan Wang, who has been playing golf for 4 years. He has seen teammates come and go through his years playing golf at Galileo, but that hasn’t affected his determination to be the best he can.

Ivan has practiced, and working hard at his golf game each year, saying, “I wanted to be better, I wanted to push myself, to get back to the playoffs.” He has only been to the playoffs once while at Galileo, during his freshman year, but hasn’t been back since. “It sucks that every year there weren’t people committed to playing golf, but, this year we have players that are more involved. Although we haven’t had a great year, we won 3 games, which is enough to get us back to the playoffs.” Ivan also feels that Coach Winterling is due a lot of respect and should be acknowledged for his effort.

Over the last few years, Coach Winterling’s mindset has been to get people to join. Players may have come and gone, but that hasn’t altered his focused on getting more people involved as well as sending them to a first tee camp, to help them get better. Winterling has put a lot of time, effort, and money into this team, and he believes making the playoffs this year shows where determination can get you.

Coach Winterling believes that golf shouldn’t just be looked at as a game played by yourself. Winterling says, Golf isn’t really a team sport, it’s more of an individual one, but bringing them together by practicing, and critiquing their skills, only makes us become stronger.”  

Although a lot of players on the team are new to the sport, they have enjoyed the experience. First time golfer, senior Michael Ng, “I’ve enjoyed learning a new sport, I suck at it but it’s fun having friends play too.”

Freshman golfer Ryan Lee joined because he wanted to experience golf the same way his brother did when he played at Galileo. Ryan said he feels likes he’s at a disadvantage, especially playing against a lot of upperclassmen, although he enjoys getting a good low score and also meeting new people who are actually good.

Now playing in his 2nd year, senior Josh Lizardo gives the message that Coach Winterling hopes more people catch on to about golf. Josh says, “I’ve seen change, from people who actually want to play golf, to just one year and done. I enjoy the feeling you get when you hit the ball and see it fly. But one thing I regret about playing golf, is not joining sooner, because the chance to meet new people has been a great experience.”


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