Galileo Spotlights Digital Citizenship

By Stephanie Ho and Joseline Saucedo

Curriculum Tech Integration Specialist, Ms. Z checks in with the Creative Credit & Copyright booth.

Galileo held its 1st Digital citizenship week during the week of April 10th to teach students about the possible outcomes of being online. The week was composed of different events: Tuesday was a launch on, Wednesday and Thursday had activities during homeroom, and Friday was a lunchtime event in the courtyard.

According to technology teacher Ms. Z, who was in charge of the event, the reason Digital Citizenship is needed in schools is because, “…students are using technology a lot more now and [it teaches them] to be more responsible online.” Assistant Principal Mr. Heringer added, “Students specifically; everything we do and say online social media have a record and it’s important for everyone to realize it can be a positive and negative thing. We have to make sure they leave a positive footprint.” He continued, “The major reason is that the things that we said or done can either help us or hinder us in the future.”

Ms. Z’s long term goal for students is for them to understand what digital citizenship is. According to her, learning more about digital citizenship will help students be aware of the cyberbullying problems there are in San Francisco. Mr. Heringerś goal would be, in the future, getting alumni students to speak about how social media has affected their future to show other students how social media can affect people.

During Wednesday and Thursday in homeroom, students participated by watching videos and having a discussion. Digital Citizenship week ended Friday in the courtyard, where students watched a video and discussed the importance of being genuine online and the consequences it could lead to if you aren’t. On Friday some SFUSD staff leading discussions in booths set up around the courtyard. Some of the different topics discussed included: cyberbullying, internet safety, and online relationships.

Based on what students learned, many had different pieces of advice to
give regarding Digital Citizenship. Senior William Tang said,  “Watch what you post online it might hurt you in the future,” while Senior Brandon Yee, said, “You have to be careful when posting stuff online because the things you do can affect your future and it’s really hard to get is of things once it’s on the internet.”

Ms. Z believes that this year’s digital citizenship week was successful. She said, “Students had a lot of knowledge and [I] wasn’t expecting students to know the answers to many questions.” 

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