Seniors “Fly into the Night” at Prom

Approaching the end of the school year, Galileo’s class of 2017 held their senior prom on April 15th, at the Park Central Hotel, using the theme Fly into the Night. Believing that the night overall was a success, the senior class believed this dance was a great way to end their time at Galileo and a night with many memories to be cherished.

One of the reasons many enjoyed the senior prom was the hotel itself. Prom committee member Connie L. said, “The venue was really spacious and it wasn’t hard to pick the venue because the prom committee reserved the spot during our junior year.” Senior Darlene S. said, “I liked it, It was big and spacious & the dance floor had a lot of room. I thoughts the bathrooms were really clean too.”

Another detail about prom that may have went unnoticed to most was the work that went into decorating the venue. With only a week left of planning for prom, the committee put in lots of hard work to make the night perfect. Connie L. said, “I was in charge of the decorations and it was one of the hardest things plan out and to think about what we need to find the perfect things to make it fit the theme of Paris.”

As for those who attended prom, one of the most important aspects of the night was looking good, however, that usually came with a steep price. Many girls though got their dresses from “The Princess Project”, an organization that gives out free prom dresses and accessories to high school teens who may not be able to afford them. “The Princess Project” is made possible through many volunteers, donors, and community support. It was a really helpful for many of the girls at Galileo. Senior Christine L. said, “It [The Princess Project] was really resourceful for many of the girls. A lot of my friends saved so much money, but a lot of my other friends also spent a couple hundreds of dollars on prom dresses.” 

Although many complimented on the way they looked that night, there were not as many complements on the food. Senior Win X. said, “The food wasn’t that good. The chicken was dry but the tiramisu was good.” Senior Brandon Y. added, “The salad & the chicken was good,  but the risotto tasted a little weird” Connie summed it up, saying, “The food was something I was disappointed [with] because it wasn’t what I was expecting [at] a high class hotel.”

Another part of the night that was disappointing to a lot of the students was the DJ. “The DJ was flaming garbage. He played everything no one listened to and stopped playing at least 15 minutes early,” said  Julio P. Senior William I. added that, “The DJ played irrelevant songs. Who paid him?”

Despite some disappointment that night, many saw the crowning of the royal court as one of the highlights of the night. Seniors Tommy Y. and Joyce L. were crowned king and queen, while Prince and Princess went to Victor L. and Connie Z. and Priscilla L. and Andrea R. were named royal couple. Prom queen Joyce Li said, “The fact I won prom queen was amazing I ran because i wanted to get out of my comfort zone.”

While royal couple Andrea and Priscilla Lam said, “We don’t feel like it was the big of a deal [to win]. We just ran to bring representation to the LGBTQ community”
Even with its ups and downs prom was still a special night for most people. Senior Corina K. said, “It was a fun experience that I’ll never forget,” and senior Jonas L. added, “It was a once in a lifetime thing & a really good time.”

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