Farewell to Retiring Teachers

A diverse group of teachers will be leaving Galileo after many years in the district. The Galileo community wishes them a wonderful retirement. 

Mr. Schnitzer-image3-4

Mr. Schnitzer has worked at Galileo as an English and Photography teacher for the last 32 years, but has been working at the school in other positions since since 1979. He has been planning on retiring for the past five year because, “It is time to go,” he said.

Mr. Schnitzer would be surprised if he would be remembered by the students, he said, “If I would be [remembered], it would be for being both the best and the worst photography teacher.” The reason he stayed at Galileo for so long is simply because he liked it here. He has enjoyed teaching Galileo students. “Occasionally one of them would laugh at my jokes,” says Mr. Schnitzer.

His favorite thing about teaching is the moment, “When you know that most of the class gets it,” he said. Once he retires, he’s not sure of his immediate plans, saying, “I think I will sleep for 6 months, then I’ll start working on it.”

Ms. Lee-image1-19-min

Ms. Lee has worked in the SFUSD district since 1979 and has worked as a Chinese teacher at Galileo for 5 years. She is choosing to retire because, “it is time, now that I have former students that are teachers here,” she said.

Ms. Lee has stayed so long in San Francisco because it’s what she knows. She says, “I’m a San Franciscan and I love SFUSD because it is very supportive and I like the diverse population.”
Ms. Lee has enjoyed teaching the Galileo student body. She feels that they are a unique group of students, saying, “They are active and articulate in expressing how they feel in their ideas. They are very sensitive.”

Although she’s retiring, Ms Lee may not be completely gone from Galileo. She says, “I’m going to come back to Gal to volunteer and do some travelling.”

Ms. Barrett-

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 9.57.06 AMMs Barrett has been an English teacher at Galileo for 15 years. Through her deep thinking, she often made her students think
deeply about literature. She will also be remembered for her insightful responses. Although she was interviewed for this story, she said that choosing the words to use about why she is retiring would be simply too long and therefore chose not to comment.

Mr. Debella-

Mr. Debella has been a science teacher at Galileo for 13 years.

Mr. Debella believes now is a good time to leave Galileo, saying, “I have other things to do and I have problems with the administration.”

Although he will be focusing on other things, Mr. Debella has a lot of good memories about Galileo. He says, “I found this was a very good school, I especially liked the staff.”image2-10

Not only did Mr. Debella enjoy working with the staff, but also the student body as well. He says, “[I like] the diversity of the students and their willingness to learn.”

As for what’s next, Mr. Debella already has several things lined up. He says,  “[I plan on] working on my several houses and traveling.”

Mr. Debella wants to be remembered by his students as a good teacher being fair and getting the material across.

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