Love You Say

The play ¨Love You Say,” written by Galileo senior Sophie L., and produced by the Galileo drama class premiered on April 14th. The drama class performed the play after preparing for it for over 4 months, consisting  of choosing the right play, rehearsals, costume design, and technical additions like lights and music. The purpose of producing the play was to raise money toward a scholarship for a graduating senior who plans on studying the arts in college.

Galileo’s drama teacher, Ms. Maroun, started the scholarship to encourage students who had a passion in the arts to pursue it. She says, “the proceeds of this performance went towards the lives in motion scholarship and the lives in motion scholarship is for any student who’s a senior in drama class specifically, that is planning to continue his or her studies in fine, performing, or technical arts.” One of the actors, senior Tianmei Gerst added, “[the scholarship] is specifically for anyone who’s going to study arts, whether it’s acting, drawing, or even music.”

A lot of creativity went into crafting the script, regarding the story by Sophie L. She says, “my goal was to let people know that love can be pretty strong,” and “no matter if love is happy love or painful love, it just sticks with us throughout life and helps us grow as people.” As for inspiration for writing the play, Sophie says, “I experienced all of the different types of love that are talked about in the play, and I feel like the message had to be delivered, and because of creative writing class, I was able to use the skills for the play.”

With it’s ten scenes, the play explored various kinds of love that exist in our lives ranging from sibling love to self-love. Every member of the drama class was able to participate in one or more scenes as well, portraying their own versions of love.

The preparation process was long and somewhat difficult for the class. Sophie wrote the play over the course of winter break. After that, Sophie says “the whole class had to do some voting,” for the play. Ms. Maroun also explained how the class prepared physically for the production from start to finish from January, beginning with play selection and the piece that was selected was selected because the students wanted an unpublished student written piece. She also added, “the acting rehearsals were less than a month, that was hard because the auditorium wasn’t always available to us when we needed it.”

The class also had to prepare the materials, Sophie added “we made a list of props of what we need and what everyone was going to be in charge of doing, we went to borrow stuff for the set design, and we went to buy costumes.” In order to help the class with their performance, Ms. Maroun requested Mr. Vincent, a director from American Conservatory Theatre, to come to Galileo to help out with the play. Regarding the director Tianmei says “Mr. Vincent was actually really helpful… he gave us [actors] many suggestions on how we could do better.”

Mr. Vincent was also helpful in other ways, Tianmei says, “when we got closer to the play, he realized we needed a tech person… for the entire play, so he actually hired a student who was used tech.” Ms. Maroun also feels gratitude toward Mr. Vincent, she says “Mr. Vincent was our artist from the American Conservatory theatre act smart program. He contributed by serving as a co-director, and provided indescribable support in other ways.”

The play turned out to be a successful in its scholarship endeavor, raising 500 dollars.  Ms. Maroun said, “I think it was largely a success for three reasons, reason one my beginning drama students who are of mixed academic level learned to use their diversity and ensemble spirit in acting to work together. Another reason it was successful was because the community was so supportive in general, and the third reason I think it was successful [was because] the actors wanted not just to perform but they had a desire to shows something.”

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