Trending Now: Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are becoming a top trend among teenagers. Spinners are in the shape of a ‘Y’ and include 4 bearings 3 on each leg, and one in the middle. They are a small little “Nic-Nac,” around the size of your palm, and its main purpose is to spin, without bringing too much attention to one’s self.
Fidget spinners were originally designed to help kids with attention disorders, but all types of students have started using them in class. Students like them because they’re easy to use, and they’re inexpensive to buy($1-5).
However, because so many students have started popularizing this small toy, it’s seeming as if they’ve become more of a distraction than anything.

Students at Galileo see fidget spinners as a stress relieving toy, that helps them stay more focused. Some students even see the toy as our generation’s version of the Rubix cube. Their low price make it affordable for most students.

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