Momma Mo no mo?

HIMG_46431aving a beautiful struggle is rare, but it all depends on what you do with the lesson you learn from the struggles of life.

English teacher Ms. Morrison is known and loved among the students at Galileo. Some of the students have affectionately nicknamed her Mama Mo for the way she cares and shows love to her students. Although Ms. Morrison loves her job and the students she teaches, she has decided to take at least a year off from teaching, beginning next year, to pursue another passion of hers, writing.

Ms. Morrison took up writing in her teenage years to cope with the challenges she faced during that time in her life. Even after she overcome these struggles, she has continued to write throughout the years. She recently had two of her poems published by local bay area publishers, in total she has had about six published poems. Regarding Ms. Morrison’s topic of choice, she says, “I always thought I would write a lot about love because it was an important topic when I started writing.”

“I never thought I’d be a poet never in a million years, when I was 17 I hated reading poems, but there was a long period of time that I didn’t see my mother when I was little, around 12, and strangely I started to bury myself in writing poetry, I never stopped writing after that it was something I needed to do to breathe,” says Ms. Morrison.

Choosing to take off a year from teaching was a difficult decision for Mama Mo. However, she feels that if she doesn’t take the time off to complete her writing now, she doesn’t know when she would be able to really find the time. She says “I’ve been working on the side of teaching ever since I became a teacher, but I find that the amount of time that I need to devote to school it’s so consuming that I don’t have enough time to really get my manuscript done and I’ve been working on a book of poetry for some time and it’s time to finish it.”

Ms. Morrison thought very carefully about her decision, knowing that teaching makes her happy. She says  “Being a teacher at Galileo has fulfilled me so much that the only other thing that is fulfilling for me is a writing career. But I don’t want to wait until I’m older I want to try now.”

In terms of her schedule while she isn’t teaching, Ms. Morrison’s plans to work on her writing 5 days a week, 4-6 hours a day. She also has planned trips that will inspire her or accommodate her writing, including traveling to New York, New Orleans, Italy, San Juan Islands, Alaska, Washington.

Ms. Morrison’s future absence sadden students who have had her as a teacher. Senior Alma P. says, “I know she will have time to do things that she loves and maker her happy, she loves teaching and doesn’t have enough time for writing, so I know she will be happy and being a senior graduating I’ll miss the connection.” Senior Eysa S. added, “Ms. Morrison is a very good teacher because she helps all students regardless of their speed/pace, going out her way to make a connection and for that, she will be missed.”

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