Galileo Baseball Looks To Fundraise

For many years at Galileo, former varsity baseball coach, Don Papa, was the major source of funding for the team and purchased all the equipment needed and made sure they  had uniforms and hats. However, after his retirement during the 2016-17 school year, the team is starting from scratch, trying to fundraise on their own in order to purchase all of the essentials it takes to field a baseball team.

The goal for the team is to raise $4000 to buy equipment & pay for leagues outside the AAA.  The team has created a gofundme and also plan on charging people to park in Galileo’s lot every Saturday in October. So far, the team has raised $700.

The baseball team knew they were going to face these kinds of challenges after they had lost Coach Papa. Nathan Cox, the new coach for the varsity baseball team, said, “each league has insurance, fields to play on and umpires. Those things cost money. The only way for us to play outside of the school season is to have money to pay for the leagues. Summer ball cost me $600 and fall ball is $93 per game. I might not be able to keep paying for everything, so we need to raise funds.”

Coach Cox added, “It’s important for us to keep participation free for our athletes. If you guys have to pay, like players do in other programs, you either have only rich kids on your team, or families trying to buy their kid a spot on the team.”


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