Cross Country Team Perseveres Through Loss

After finishing second in the city last year, Galileo’s Cross Country team suffered a serious blow when their fastest and most valuable runner, senior Nathan L., moved to L.A. due to family reasons. Despite Nathan’s absence, the team still believes they can be one of the best in the city, but will have to train harder to make up for his absence.

It hasn’t been easy for the team to get over Nathan’s departure as he was an important part of the team. “It was hard to hear at first. He was integral to the team because he was our top runner. He made it to the state meet last year, and the expectation was that he would be top 8 in the city once again. He was also the most supportive person on the team and he is irreplaceable,” said Cross Country Coach Mr. Keough.

To make up for Nathan’s loss, the team plans on doing harder workouts and running more. The captains, seniors Kevin S., Cathy Liang, and Tracy Tam, will lead the team towards their goal of the same results as last season or even better.

The cross country team has been working nonstop to prepare for the season —from  running 302 miles over the summer to running hills at Berkeley. They are also hoping the impact Kevin will have on the course this year will fix the dent caused by Nathan’s absence.

The team is hoping that all of the sacrifices they have made will pay off in the long run. “We are willing to do whatever it takes to be top 2 in the city again. Hopefully I can lead the team to be more motivated and faster than we’ve ever been,” said captain Kevin S.

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