New Hope for Girls Tennis Team

The future’s looking bright for this years Galileo girl’s tennis team. With 2 brand new coaches, a much bigger team consisting of 19 girls, and much more dedicated players than last year, the team has a great shot at making the playoffs.

The team’s new coaches, Coach Janet and assistant Coach Lin, who is also married to Mr. Wing, lack in coaching experience but are very passionate and have quickly developed a new love for it. Coach Janet said, “I have been playing tennis for nearly my whole life, however coaching is  a new experience for me and I love it.”

The team has a good mix of both new & old, with 4 freshman and 6 seniors. Some of the team’s top singles players include Rina N.(12), Elva X.(12), Elizabeth C.(10), Blossom J.(9), Jacqueline L.(9), and Kylie T.(9), and the doubles teams are continuing to get better and better. Seniors Rina and Elva are not only the two team captains, but as a doubles team are undefeated.

It is important for the girls to enjoy the sport, develop new skills, and learn how to be a cooperative team player. “Our overall goal is to play hard and have fun; winning and losing is just a part of the game,” said Rina.  

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