Crumbling Bleachers not Replaced Anytime Soon

The bleachers on Galileo’s athletics field are dilapidated and in dire need of a replacement. Although they were just repainted and resanded 3 years ago, the paint has since peeled and the wood is sharp and dangerous. However Galileo Athletic Director, Coach Winterling, says that there are currently no plans in place to replace the bleachers, and that the current bleachers could cause many safety issues, chief among them, splinters.

“We definitely need new bleachers,” Coach Winterling said. He goes on to explain that  Proposition H, which allocated fundsto support things like sports, libraries, art, and music (SLAM) in schools, could be used to pay for new bleachers, which would cost $50,000, but the money is currently being allocated to the other 3 parts of SLAM.

“I think it [the bleachers] are a hazard. Students always jump on it and they fall,” Coach Mark said. Senior Brian Dang who is currently taking P.E. said, “They’re so outdated. We need to replace them with a new one.”

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