Galileo Girls Volleyball 2017

On September 29, the 2017 Galileo Girls Volleyball lost a match against Lowell High School in 3 sets (20-25, 22-25, 21-25 ). The team was devastated after the match; however, they were also not surprised to lose against Lowell. Coach Brandon stated, “We had two starting players that were injured from our previous game against Wallenberg. I wouldn’t allow them to play, so I had to put in two other players that were not use to being starting players.” Although some of the parents were disappointed by the loss, the players felt it was a well fought match.

Despite the loss to Lowell, the 2017 Girls Volleyball team has exceeded coach Brandon’s expectation thus far. With a strong record halfway through the season (4-2) the team is poised to make the playoffs with wins against Balboa, Wallenburg, Washington, and Burton High School. Coach Brandon points to a few specific reasons for this years success: “The team has more experienced players, and were able to balance both offense and defense.”

However, the team knows that if they want to succeed in the playoffs they will need to work on their team chemistry, Coach Brandon states, “Our team needs to be more close or bond more. There needs to be more communication when on the court.” Setter Brittney Lau and Libero Brittany Ngo agree that the team needs more communication and adds that they need to trust each other more.

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