Last Year as AD for Winterling

After being the athletic director at Galileo High School for the last 27 years, Mr. Winterling is finally retiring at the end of the school year. As he reflects on his almost 30 years in the position he credits his success at the job to a number of people who helped him along the way.

Mr. Winterling expresses his gratitude towards administrative assistant Ms. Grinnell, who always helped by answering his questions, former principal John Quinn, who hired Mr. Winterling, and his mentor, former coach, George White.

Mr. Winterling became athletic director in 1990 after coaching basketball, golf, and soccer at Galileo for 7 years. Mr. Quinn hand-picked Mr. Winterling to replace Mr. White as athletic director, when Mr. White decided to retire.

There are many memories for Mr. Winterling during his time as athletic director. “Some of my highlights are seeing achievements from the player and athletes from Galileo, the interaction with coaches and players, and the championships that we won in many sports,” he said.

Even though there were a lot of teams that he saw play throughout the years he was at Galileo, there were a few that stood out. “The football team between 1988-1990 where they competed when everyone had a good one and the one in 1997, the basketball championship, track championship, and the track and field,” Mr. Winterling explains.

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