Tackling the Challenge: Galileo Football’s Race to a Championship

With a more focused, unselfish & team-oriented group than he’s had in a long time, Galileo Varsity Football Coach, Mark Huynh believes this is the perfect opportunity to capture his 3rd Turkey Day Championship.He believes that with this improved focus and attitude, the talent of the team will have more opportunity to shine.

The talent from the team will come from some key members of the team. This includes Yarvell Smith(So. RB/LB), Jackie Guo(Sr. WR/DE), Antonio McBride(Jr.RB), Antonio Lewis(Sr. RB/WR), Ronald Fox(Jr. RB/QB), Jimmy Edwards(Jr.LB/RB), and Adrian Poot(Sr. QB/LB).

Players echoed the statements by their coach, saying they also feel very confident that they will be able to win it all this year with their improved roster & dedication to each other. “We deserve to win it all because of the hard work that we put in,” said senior Pedro Jaime(WR/DB). He added, “We got a lot better because of our increased trust in our fellow teammates. We spend a lot of time with each other outside of football now, it’s like a brotherhood,”

“A championship ring means everything,” said Antonio McBride(Jr. RB)another senior on the team. “To us, it would show other teams that our hard work paid off and that we are the best team in the city of San Francisco.”

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