Dr. Reimer reassigned

An accumulating amounts of events led former Galileo principal, Dr. Reimer, to be reassigned at the beginning of this school year. According to different staff members, there were four main reasons for him to be reassigned. Dr. Reimer is now working at the central office at 555 Franklin St at the Curriculum and Instruction Office of professional learning and leadership.

Many teachers felt a new energy after hearing that Dr. Reimer was reassigned. History and Psychology teacher, Ms. Ung said, “While working here our morale was affected. It seemed like people’s opinions didn’t matter and it was one-sided decision-making.”

Teachers were also unhappy with Dr. Reimer because of his lack of communication with the staff, which included avoiding questions brought up by the staff. SOAR worker Ms. Huginnie said, “we [the staff] were never sure why he didn’t include others in the decision-making process. He seemed like he just wanted to do everything himself.”

During the time Dr. Reimer was at Galileo, he was able to remodel all the windows on the Van Ness side of the school as well as  remodeling the cafeteria. He also tried to push the use of technology to help improve the school.


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