Galileo’s NBA 2K18 Craze


A new wave has recently struck Galileo, NBA 2K18 is the new “it” thing, and its taken students by storm.The reason so many students have made NBA 2K18 their favorite game is its ability to give them the skills to be a professional basketball player without the years of work it actually takes to be one. Playing the game, they are able to do things they otherwise may not be able to, like dunk and dribble. NBA 2K18 offers a fun filled fantasy based off of students favorite players.

Student’s enjoy the game because they can play as players in the NBA, create their own personalized player and play against friends. NBA 2K18 is preferred over other basketball games like NBA Live because of its fluid gameplay, ultra realistic graphics, and its general popularity among students. NBA 2K is not simply a hype. It has stood the test of time, being extremely successful every year since 2000.

With over 68 million copies sold in the past two months, NBA 2K18 is one of the best selling games of the year, according to Forbes. The enjoyment it offers, at a reasonable $60, is why so many students are taking interest in it. However, it seems the endless fun is distracting students from their priorities.

Does NBA 2K18 have a negative effect on students ability to budget time? A majority of students interviewed play about 2 hours of NBA 2K18 per day! Some students like senior Aaron T. report that NBA 2K18, “is taking time away from [his] daily routine, such as spending time with family and doing homework.” Senior Anthony Munoz, says, “2K18 is a big part of my day now, and I feel like i’ve lost time for school and friends.”

NBA 2K18 has some positive effects as well. According to senior Ethan L. “NBA 2K18 is a way for me to get my mind off of school.” Other students also state the game is a way for them to relieve stress and escape from reality.

With a game like NBA 2K18, it is solely based on customer satisfaction. It is no coincidence that 2K has been around for 18 years since 1999 beginning with NBA 2K. Spanning through 3 platforms (PC, XBOX, and Playstation), it is one of the most popular games in the world.


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