Administration’s Plan to End Hall Walking

Students who roam and congregate in the halls during class, otherwise known as hall walkers, are an issue the administrative team at Galileo is working to fix. The administration hopes to clear the halls of these types of students and have them spend this time in class instead of wasting time.

To try and eliminate the issue of hall walkers, the administration has placed security, deans, and counselors on every floor to ensure there are no students loitering, with or without a pass. If the students are found not to have a pass, they approach the student and ask them where they should be, and escort them to class. If they still don’t go to class, they are taken to the dean’s or principal’s office. By having a staff member on every floor, the school hopes hall walking will be much less prevalent as students will not be able to go under the radar as they have in the past years.

“Hall walkers are robbing themselves of an education. Instead of going to class, doing work, and paying attention, they are just walking around mindlessly. We want all of our students to take advantage of that,” said assistant principal Mrs. Ferrante.

Although the school is hoping to eliminate hall walking, for many hall walkers, the plans have not been effective. “Security doesn’t question me. They never have. They still don’t, even when I don’t have a hall pass, ” said an anonymous student. Another hall walker agreed, saying, security doesn’t really do anything, even when I walk right past them.”

Some security at Galileo reinforce student’s claim that nothing has changed, despite the efforts of the administration. “They tried to make walking in the halls harder but it hasn’t done anything. There’s the same amount of people walking in the halls as last year. It’s the same 10-15 students in the halls every day. I gave up on them because they don’t listen. I’ve told the dean’s, assistant principal, principal, everything. They’re still there every day,” says one security guard at Galileo.

Although the plan may not be working as intended, some teachers don’t see the importance of trying to clear the halls. She said, “I don’t see a difference, but I don’t think it’s that bad though to begin with.”

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