Changes in G-House TV

Last year, media arts students working on G-house TV realized that the broadcast was not meeting the expectations of the viewers, so they decided to revamp the broadcast. The goal was to present something new and different to the viewers each time they watched while keeping them entertained.

According to G-House advisor, Mr. Machtay, this year’s TV crew has a lot of potentials. He says, “I have a really good group of students in video class this year. I opened it up to them and they wanted to do a lot of things that I didn’t agree with, but they talked me into trying it.

Although Mr. Machtay was against these changes at first, he was willing to give it a try because he admitted that last year was, “dull and boring and not many people watched it and I don’t blame them.”

The broadcast crew wanted to make changes in the details of the videos, to increase viewer experience, and improve the overall quality of the videos.  According to media arts student senior Nasu N., “specific changes include; a more modern opening introduction, different types of music, new headers and banners, and more skits.”

Even though the media arts students collectively come up with video ideas, most of the effort put into media arts only comes from a few highly passionate students that spend at least five hours a week after school on the production, which is 2 hours more than they had spent last week working on the broadcast.

The response so far to the new format has been positive. According to 12th grader, Clifford L., “The animations are more lively and I like how there is no more principal news featuring Reimer.” Fellow senior, Donny N. says, “I also like the improvement in the skits, and how they’re more creative.”

However, there are others who believe there can be further improvements. Junior Nathan T. says “I think the producers should make important information stand out more and also have clearer transitions to keep the viewer’s attention.”

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