Trending Now: Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask water bottles can be seen everywhere at Galileo now-a- days. The logo is a spread out H, with 5 lines on top, and a smiley face under the 5 lines. Students prefer hydro flasks over other water bottles because of its ability to keep liquid cold for 24 hours and hot drinks for 12 hours. Hydro Flask’s use a vacuum insulation that is placed between 2 stainless steel walls. The vacuum acts as the barrier of the heat so the temperature outside the flask won’t affect the contents inside the flask.

Hydro Flask’s come in different sizes, varying from 12-64 oz, cost anywhere from $25-$60. There are also multiple types of caps available to purchase including a Sport Cap, Flex Cap, and Hydro Flip that go for about $10.

The unusually warweather throughout the beginning of the school year is a factor in students desire to own a Hydro Flask. Students know that they get thirsty throughout the day, and there’s nothing better to quench a thirst than an ice cold drink. Although some see the price as too much to pay for a water bottle, those who own Hydro Flask bottles believe the investment is worth it.

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