Basketball Player Breaks Backboard

One of the backboards in the Van Ness gym shattered when senior basketball player, Ben P., dunked during practice on October 19.  After the dunk, the rim and glass had to be taken down due to safety precautions. The basketball teams were left to only use 1/2 the gym for a week, when a temporary wooden backboard was installed.  A new, permanent glass backboard will not be able to be installed until November 10th.

Although surprised it happened, Ben sees breaking the backboard as a good sign of things to come for the basketball team.”When the backboard shattered after I dunked, all my teammates were in disbelief,” said Ben, adding, “To me it symbolizes how hard our team is going to play during the season.”

Other players who witnessed incident had similar sentiments of disbelief and excitement. “It felt cool to me because you never seen it happen before,” said junior Ryan H. Fellow junior Luke added, ” it was crazy, I didn’t expect the backboard to break like that.”

Although the players realized they were watching an event that doesn’t happen very often, there was also the negative side of it happening. Junior Brthyon  says, “I thought it was very nice and you never seen it done before, but then I was disappointed because were not able to use the other half of the court.”


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