Cross Country Trip To LA

Friday, October 20, 2017-5 of the Galileo varsity boys cross country runners and Coach Keough boarded a plane to Los Angeles for a 3-day trip to compete and to visit a former teammate who moved to Southern California over the summer.

The team believed it was important to see Nathan Lam, who moved to Southern California for family reasons, because he was a key part of the team last year as well as someone everyone missed and loved. Those who went on the trip were happy to see him again and even happier to know that they still have a strong bond.

“I thought that after so much time away from each other, we’d become more distanced. However, it was the exact opposite. It felt as if we had never been away from each other. We naturally connected and had a very memorable weekend. I only wished those three days were three months,” said senior Brandon Tu.

Another teammate wasn’t even able to describe how he felt. “It was a feeling that cannot be described in words; an emotion that cannot be transcribed into language. It is one of happiness and heartbreak. I’m happy that we were able to see our friend Nathan again, but heartbroken because of his unexpected departure,” said senior Alan Tsui.

However, Nathan wasn’t the only reason why the team went down there. They also went to race. The Lions competed in the “City of Angels Invitational” and finished in 18th place.

Even though they didn’t perform as well as they would have liked, the team focused on the good parts of the race instead of the results. “The race was like nothing I’ve ever felt. I’m glad I was able to experience how competitive L.A. is first-hand,” said senior Timothy Lin.

The team is grateful to Coach Keough because they believe the trip would not have been possible without him. However, Coach Keough was also excited at the opportunity. “Since I’ve been coaching, I’ve wanted to take the team out of town to an invitational in Southern California and with Nathan having moved, it only increased my desire to want to take the varsity boys,” said Coach Keough.

Planning for the trip was not easy or cheap. Each varsity boy had to fundraise $200. This was achieved through a run-a-thon the team held. The money came from teachers, parents, other students, and anyone who would be willing to sponsor the athletes. However, they all had to run for the money. Most of them ran 6-8 miles in the hour allowed.

Even though it wasn’t an easy trip to plan for, all the guys believed it was worth it. “The pain we felt while running is a small price to pay for such an exciting trip,” said captain Kevin Serrano.

Brian Yu added,  “The trip was pretty close to perfect. Not much went wrong. The food was stellar. The trip was a great experience and something that I will never forget.”

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