Music Controversy at Homecoming

Despite many students enjoying Galileo’s homecoming dance, “All Eyes on Us”, at the Hyatt Hotel in Fishermans Wharf on October 21, 2017, a controversial decision by the administration had some students unhappy by the end of night (had mixed feelings about the decision to not include certain type of music at the dance).

During the dance, the administration decided the DJ could no longer play songs that led to inappropriate dancing, according to a number of different students at the dance. Many understood why the decision was made, but didn’t necessarily agree with it. One student said, “The intentions (to stop inappropriate dancing) were in the correct place, but the execution did not work out well.” Another student claimed, “the music problem was unnecessary, but the administration’s intentions were good. The only problem was that the administration failed to see the consequences of their action.”

Due to the administration’s decision, the dance floor gradually cleared as the song choice from the disc jockey became less exciting, according to some students. Some students stopped dancing because they were exhausted, but others stopped dancing because they found out that a decision of careful song choice was made.

Some students claimed that this decision spoiled the dance for them. One student commented, “The experience was ruined and seemed arbitrary for new students that had came to homecoming.” Another student added, “banning certain types of music was unnecessary and confusing because that type of music was a big genre.” Furthermore, “because of the ban, it made the dance boring and killed the vibe,” said a student.

Nevertheless, homecoming was still a huge hit for a number of attendees. The homecoming court was announced, which included homecoming king, senior Jackie Guo, queen, senior Carol Lei, homecoming prince, junior Leonel Duyordin, princess, junior Mindy Lei, homecoming duke, sophomore Albert Lam, duchess, sophomore Erika Louie, homecoming Baron, freshman Jesus Garcia, baroness, freshman Dasha Vikorchuk, and homecoming royal couple, seniors Angelina Padillia and Jasmine Fan.

Students also enjoyed taking photos together, relaxing near the fire, and eating dessert. “It was my first dance and it was pretty good; the ice cream was a major success,” said a student. Another claimed, “It was fun to see the people who don’t usually go to dances.”



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