Senior Participation Brings Home Song and Yell Crown

The 73rd Annual Song and Yell witnessed one of the largest participating senior class skits in Galileo history, around 60 seniors dedicated their time and effort to represent their class and perform the skit and dance routine, with the result being another decisive victory to continue the senior class win streak.

When asked what made this year special compared to the previous three, lead Senior choreographers Jason Averilla and Inzaley Moh both emphasized the fact that more seniors joined and showed a lot of dedication. ”A lot more people joined Song & Yell. They showed a lot of commitment. I’m very proud of you for joining because you truly took advantage,” said Inzaley. Jason also chimed in saying, “I’m glad that everyone had fun.”

Seniors were highly encouraged to attend daily practices, which started in early September. On most days, practices occurred during both lunch and after school. Despite these sacrifices, seniors were happy to give up their free time.  Rina Nguyen weighed in stating, “It is my senior year and I wanted to make the most out of the year. I didn’t want to miss out on the fun that the rest of my class was having.”

In addition, Tuguldur Maral-Erdene, the main character of the Senior skit, mentioned, “I never really participated in these types of events before. I was like, why not?” While their reasons may differ, many Seniors shared their sentiment and Song and Yell flourished because of their positive attitude and dedication.

The senior class would not have had the opportunity to showcase their skit though if not for a few teachers and students who helped wipe down the bleachers after it rained the night before. Mr. McDowell, seniors Valerie Le, Lisha Li, and Basel Rashid ensured Song and Yell would be held on the field and not in the auditorium.

Galileo was fortunate to host London Breed, President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and Yuyang Zhong, Galileo’s beloved ASB president and alumni,  who both served as judges for the skit performances.

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