Halloween Contest 2017

Galileo showed off their holiday spirit during the annual Halloween costume contest held in the courtyard during lunch. The Halloween contest is a fun event for students and faculty to show their creativity and individuality through their creative costume ideas.

From previous years, it’s well known that for the teacher costume competition is always one of the highlights because of the group costumes that the department’s wear. This year’s winner, the teachers from the math department, dressed up as Mahjong tiles, a tile-based game that originated in China. The idea came from science teacher, Mr. Barrios, who developed the idea through AP Calculus class students who often play it, and thought it would be an interesting theme so every teacher could represent a different tile. “It’s cool to see my idea actually come true,” said Mr. Barrios.

The counselors also did a group costume, that they had wanted to do for some time now, dressing up as different emojis. While juggling ideas, the counselors wanted a costume that relates to emotion,  AVID counselor, Ms. Marshman and 9th grade counselor, Ms. Schkoll, developed the emoji idea. When Ms. Schkoll suggested the yellow shirts and mask idea, some counselors  were skeptical, but were pleased with the outcome of the costumes.

A counselor who wants to remain anonymous said, “The counselor department feels that we were robbed out of first place to the math department. I heard from an anonymous source that the math department used a TA to make the costumes for them.”

The winner of the student costume contest, junior Cody T, turned heads with his scary nun costume.

The end of the festivities included a “Thriller” flash mob again, which Mr. Wing believes this year’s was the best out of all the previous years.

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