Popular Classroom Lunch Hangouts

When the bell rings for lunch at Galileo, many students hang out in the courtyard, the cafeteria or go find lunch off campus. However for other students, classrooms are their place of choice to stay during lunch because it affords them a place to work or a comfortable place to hang out.

One of the most popular [place] during lunchtime is math teacher, Ms. Liang’s room 153. Her classroom is typically packed and noisy. Mrs. Liang stated, “Many of the students are in my Chinese Immersion class. They are here for tutoring and don’t have many other places to go.”  A student who wished to remain anonymous explained how he is mostly always in Ms. Liang room during lunch because he doesn’t want to eat outside. He started going to her classroom last year as she was his fifth period teacher which was convenient for him as he wouldn’t have to move when lunch ended, as he would already be in his fifth period classroom.

Another busy classroom during lunch is Mr. Grimm’s science class. Part of the reason his class is packed is his reputation for being a good teacher. Students are usually in there asking questions about homework and classwork. He keeps his classroom open during lunch so students have easy access for help.

Junior Chris Jang,  who stays in Mr. Grimm’s class everyday during lunch, says, “We have a lot of history here, sentimental value. First, me and some people had class here in sophomore year and we started to stay here to finish work and it ended up as like a hangout place.”

Art teacher, Ms. Partridge’s classroom is packed but quiet, during lunch. She keeps her classroom open during lunch to students wanting to finish their drawings.  Everyone who is in there is usually focused on their work. 9th grader, Naza says, “I come here to finish artwork for class.”


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