Hypebeast, Why?

The term hypebeast is thrown around quite often now-a-days in popular culture, but what exactly is a hypebeast? A hypebeast is someone who values things  created by well recognized brands, whether it be clothing, shoes or even non-conventional items. Acquiring these things gives Hypebeasts status and helps them set themselves apart from the general public.

Some of these brand names include Supreme, Bathing Ape, Off-White and Balenciaga. These companies have created items in low quantities in order to increase their rarity and drive up prices. For instance, a Bathing Ape jacket can cost upwards of $500.

For hypebeasts, the price tag on items is part of what makes them unique, because not many people can afford them. One example is a student who bought a pair of Adidas shoes, that the artist Kanye West designed. Senior Ethan L., exclaims, “My Yeezy’s cost like $800!”

Beyond just  clothing, items can be desireable for hypebeasts purely based on brand name. The brand Supreme also sells a crowbar and a brick, for $100 and $50 respectively.

Simply walking around Galileo, the hypebeast trend is apparent in many students. While it may get these students noticed, there is also a negative aspect of being a hypebeast. Working long and spending all your money on one piece of merchandise is financially irresponsible.

Along with their outlandish prices, so many of these items become irrelevant in the future.Their popularity is only temporary as other brands will soon take their place. This will make these student’s investments become worthless, contributing to the lack of actual worth for this merchandise.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a piece of hypebeast merchandise, weigh the pros and cons of your potential investment. While it may grant temporary status, this might not be the smartest way to spend hard earned wages.


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