ASB President Feels Pressure of Following “Greatness”

ASB President senior Kayla Lam is working hard to continue the legacy that former president Yuyang Zhong left behind.  According to ASB advisor, Mr.Wing, Yuyang was the greatest ASB President he had seen in his 47 years at Galileo. Yuyang was able to help solve problems for the administration,  fundraised extraordinary amounts of money for the class of 2017, helped save Ms. Grinnell’s job and was respected and well-known by staff and students. Trying to fill his shoes, Kayla has been suffering under the pressure of living up to the lofty standards set by Yuyang.

Kayla constantly worries about the way she is seen as a leader compared to Yuyang. She says, “there is a lot of pressure living up to the student’s expectations because everyone knew Yuyang, but not everyone knows who I am. Also, I have to take upon the same responsibilities that he had as ASB President.” Furthermore, she states, “I stress about the fact that I have to oversee every single class to get enough money.”

She admits that her method of running the school is a different approach than Yuyang’s. “He was very professional, but I am more casual and less structured. I want students to view me as someone approachable.”

While Kayla may be worried about many things going on in the school, she has played an integral part in many of the things that have happened at Galileo this year. Kayla says, “I have helped new the administration team, tried to include more clubs and have more interactive pep rallies.” Kayla is also trying to encourage more students to be more active, and work with the administration in building a better school. She states, “it’s fun, but then there are stressful times where everyone depends on me and I can’t do everything at once.”

Kayla was also a part of many important decisions and events, such as the selection of a new administration and planning freshmen orientation. “Selecting a new principal was hard because we had very specific concerns in mind, such as transparency, emphasis on student involvement, and someone who genuinely cares about the students and creates a positive community.”

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