iPhone X: Completely Redesigned

The iPhone X (pronounced iPhone Ten) once again marks a major change in design for Apple’s iconic iPhone lineup. With this year being the age of bezel-less smartphones, iPhone X’s design screams 2017 with it’s edge-to-edge display and new features.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the iPhone is the screen. With a 5.8 inch diagonal, the screen takes up nearly the entire front face of the phone. Apple calls it

their new Super Retina Display, which takes advantage of OLED technology to deliver more vibrant colors and clearer contrasts.

In order to achieve the all-screen design, Apple had to make some sacrifices; the most notable one being the removal of Apple’s iconic home button. With its removal, Apple is placing more focus on the use of gestures to navigate iOS. Instead of pressing a button to return home or multi-task, users would conduct swipe gestures using the on-screen bar at the bottom of the display. Since the iPhone X has been released, many users have reported saying how the gestures do feel natural and have adjusted more quickly than expected.

The iPhone X also introduces Face ID, which scans your face to unlock the phone. Face ID works by creating an infrared dot map of your face. This enables Face ID to work even if you change hairstyles. However, Face ID does not work unless the user’s eyes are open and cannot be fooled by a photo because it lacks depth. Face ID is not perfect as of now, but in the long run, this is very likely as revolutionary as the fingerprint sensor.

While the iPhone X does share the same camera sensors as iPhone 8, iPhone X adds optical image stabilization for its telephoto lens. The front facing camera now comes with portrait mode, thus enabling some very dramatic selfies. In addition, iPhone X now exclusively has Animojis, which translates your facial expressions and movement into an emoji recording.

Overall, the iPhone X is Apple’s greatest smartphone and definitely checks in the requirements for a 2017 smartphone. Starting at $999, you are getting one of the most powerful smartphones out right now and receiving the best of what Apple has to offer. Considering other flagships that have approached the $1000 range (such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8), the iPhone X is well worth the investment.

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