Lions Shine at Cross Country Finals

Improving upon last years strong results, Galileo cross country had 3 of the 4 teams medal at the 2017 San Francisco section finals, with 2 runners qualifying for the state meet including the fastest time for a freshman girl this year.

Led by senior Brian Yu, who managed to finish 10th in the city, the varsity boys finished in 3rd place. Even though the result wasn’t as good as last year’s 2nd place finish, they were still satisfied to have won medals. “I don’t mind having gotten 3rd. I wouldn’t trade these knuckleheads for the world,” said Brian.

The varsity girls, led by senior Cathy Liang and freshman Maia Piomelli, who finished 4th & 5th respectively, finished in 2nd place, an improvement from last year’s 3rd place finish. Maia posted the fastest time for a freshman girl in the city. Cathy and Maia both qualified for the state meet, which will take place on November 25th.

The varsity girls were sad that the season was over, but they were still happy that they had met amazing people. “It sucks that we’re not gonna run together anymore, but I’m sure that we’re gonna hang out as a group soon,” said senior Tracy Tam.

The Frosh-soph boys also had the opportunity to celebrate as they finished in 2nd place. They were led by, sophomores Jimmy Wu, Matthew Wong, and Ryan Lee who finished 7th, 8th, and 9th, respectively. This too was an improvement from last year, where they finished in 3rd. “The race was worth all the pain that came with practicing every day,” said Jimmy Wu.

The frosh-soph girls finished the race with 76 points, tied with the Lincoln Mustangs. The Mustangs won the tie-breaker having the faster 6th place runner. This led to the girls finishing as the number 4 team in the city. Although they didn’t medal, the girls were happy to be part of a great team. Sophomore Paola Weston said, “The race was great. Sure, we didn’t medal, but there are things more important than medals, such as bonding with the team.”

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