S and G’s Conversation of Stranger Things 2

Glen (L) and Saul (R) contemplate life and Stranger Things season 2.

Season 2 of Stranger Things was released on Netflix on October 27th. The show has many students at Galileo binge watching and posting pictures of themselves enjoying the show on social media.  Stranger Things has become widely popular for it’s way of showing the alternate universe known as the “Upside Down”. Another reason for the show being hyped is that students have the same interests as the characters such as “Goosebumps”, “Dungeons and Dragons” and arcade machines.

Here’s our conversation of season two.

G: Yo Sven, what do you think about season two of Stranger Things?

S: Uh, it’s Saul you’re best friend remember? But I find it very interesting, and how I can relate to most characters on the show.

G: Oh yeah my bad, but which character would you say you relate with the most and why?

S: But that was way off and I relate to Maxine the most because she is the most interested in video games, what about you?

G: You already know I strongly relate with Billy Hargrove, because just like him I have strong charm and girls like that.

S: Sure you can say that, it went well with the last girl.  

G: But you why did you start watching the show? I discovered it from popular apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

S: I would say for me I didn’t discover the show on social media. It was recommended by someone and when I’m recommend a show I binge (watch) the show and wait for new seasons. But tell me from what you watched and how it left off, would you say there’s a new season coming out?

G: I believe season four of Stranger Things will be coming out

S: I agree but you mean three?


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