Wagner’s Friday Fashion

As a way to promote more school spirit, English & Spanish teacher, Ms. Wagner, has decided to wear Galileo gear every Friday at school. As a teacher at Galileo for the last 18 years, Ms. Wagner has always been very supportive of the school while also  making the school year more enjoyable.

Ms. Wagner first had the idea of showing off her Galileo pride after she had a few conversations with students and colleagues regarding the lack of school spirit.  She said, “there are some who are actively bummed to be associated with Gal, which is lame because there are amazing educators here who offer amazing opportunities for our students. Sadly, many people in this warped American society of ours equate a school worthy of pride with a school where all students are brainiacs.”

Additionally, when Ms. Wagner spoke with a colleague she realized that creating a supportive and uplifting work experience is an important aspect of her job. Ms. Wagner said, “I’ve stayed at Gal for as many years as I have is because of my colleagues. It’s not everywhere that you get to work alongside and collaborate with brilliant, hilarious, optimistic, committed, and supportive people. Even when we’ve had to endure less than lovely circumstances in our workplace my colleagues have kept us afloat.”

Beyond just trying to promote school spirit, for the past few years, Ms. Wagner has always added something new and special to her work experience. In the past, she brought flowers to her classroom every week to help keep her attitude positive. Little things that remind her to be grateful to be part of Gal. She said, they’ve [these little reminders] have had the added perk of keeping me grateful to be at Gal.”

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