Graduation Timeframe Changing for Seniors

In prior years, seniors would get out of school a week before graduation, but starting with the senior class of 2018, the senior year end schedule will be altered due to the instructional minutes that seniors must meet and the limited available days at the Bill Graham Auditorium.

Last year, the SFUSD was fined for $200,000 by the state and in response, the administration plans on making a new schedule to accommodate for the requirements and time for rehearsal. “[Seniors will be affected because] the schedule for finals might be different. Finals might be later,” according to assistant principal, Ms. Arkin.

One issue is that Galileo does not have a lot of possible days they can hold graduation. The school is limited to only being able to hold graduation on June 6th or 7th because it’s the only days Bill Graham is available, or else the school would have to pay a lot more money to hold it there. This will also mean that the dress rehearsal for graduation will be held on the football field and not at Bill Graham.

A possible solution was to move the graduation away from the Bill Graham Auditorium. The auditorium costs $35,000 regularly and on non-school days it costs an additional $8,000.

Some teachers suggested a graduation on Galileo’s football field. A graduation on the field would provide more staff and student participation and no fines. However, the school would have to rebuild the bleachers and even when the bleachers are fixed, there would be a lot less space for parents and family.

Another solution was to move the date rather than the location but due to other restrictions that is not possible. Instead, graduation will still be on the Wednesday it has always been on. The staff believes all of these changes will be difficult for everyone. Counselor Ms. Marshman says, [the end of the year will be more] stressful for seniors, stressful for faculty but if it needs to happen it’ll happen.”

Despite these big changes, the staff is optimistic of the result. Ms. Arkin states that “It was sort of one of these things that we had to do. I’m happy we are in compliance of the instructional minutes. As long as we are doing the right thing, I’m happy.”


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