Bring School Loop Back

For the past 6 years, I became used to using School loop to check my grades and keep myself updated on school announcements and events. Many teachers and parents alike also grew accustomed to using this system where parents can keep updated on students’ grades and teachers can record attendance and keep an organized view of their classes. However, at the beginning of this new school year, the SFUSD decided to switch School Loop for a similar system called Synergy. Synergy has evoked complaints within Galileo High School, to the point where students and teachers are wishing for School Loop to come back.

The SFUSD decided to switch from Schoolloop to Synergy so attendance and grades could all be in one system. However, unlike Schoolloop, Synergy is not as user-friendly, and lacks the ability to change weighting system and to communicate with teachers.

Students and teachers have complained about glitches that occur on this site. An example is the inability to save changes made to seating chart arrangements and grade inputs, making it difficult to keep the class and grades organized. Teachers also complain that Synergy does not save their attendance, that even though they took attendance, it states that they have not.

Not only is the system less organized, it also does not allow teachers to change the weight of assignments, causing inaccuracy in the grades depicted on the site. For example, a student in my class showed that he had 200% as his grade percentage, which was obviously very inflated and inaccurate.

Personally, I really enjoyed a feature on SchoolLoop called “Loopmail” that Synergy is lacking. This system allowed for students to send and receive messages to and from teachers and other staff members. This was useful, especially for weekly college and career announcements that inform students of upcoming opportunities and deadlines. Without this option, students have been less likely to seek out this information for themselves.

Although Galileo uses this new method, called “Receive”, where students receive announcements specific to their class through text message, it is inconvenient for those that do not have text messaging. Their solution is to receive email from the school, but that just requires extra work when Loopmail was effortless and students already had access to. Just taking in the aspect of functionality, School Loop was a better option than Synergy. It was organized and students and teachers alike were more accustomed to using it. Please bring it back!

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