Galileo Offers Independent PE Class

An independent 7th period P.E course is now being offered to Galileo students who haven’t fulfilled their P.E. requirements because of a career pathway, or for students who didn’t pass their physical fitness test.

The class is being led by the IRF, Mr. Larsen, and technology teacher, Ms. Zawaideh. There are 8 components in the class, and students need to finish 4 of them by the end of the school year. Students meet every Wednesday from 2:10-3:10. Students create a plan of what they will do independently and Ms. Zawaideh and Mr. Larsen review their plan and make sure they feel comfortable performing the exercises.

Students responsibilities are to finish 200 minutes of exercise each week, showing their log in regular basis to the teachers, and write a week reflection.

Both Mr. Larsen and Ms. Zawaideh are both thrilled to help out with the class. Mr. Larsen said, “I thought the independent study was great because we need to make sure the students are given out the credits to graduate. Not only they need the education, the also need to have the independence of themselves”.

“I love the idea of the students that can have the control of their exercise and their health every single day. I enjoy how the district is giving this opportunity to the students,” added Ms. Zawaideh.

Students who are taking the class see it though as both positive and negative, Sophomore Sevilla Rodolfo said, “It’s [The class is] cool because the independent study helps you. The bad thing about the independent study is that it takes time away from you and the good thing about it it helps you.”

Sophomore Alan Gonzalez agrees, saying, “It’s good because the work at the independent study is easy. The bad thing about the independent study is that I have to spend more time at school and the good thing is that it’s easy.”

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