Service Interact Club Represents Galileo at FLC 2017

Galileo Academy’s Service Interact Club sent the largest delegation, 41 students, to District 5150’s annual Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) in Sausalito on November 19th. The annual Fall Leadership Conference serves as an event where all service interact clubs across the Bay Area (San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin County) come together and participate in activities emphasizing various leadership qualities.

Students rotated to one of many stations prepared and work with others unfamiliar to them to discuss ways of improving not only themselves, but the community as a whole. Ms. Grinnell, one of the drivers to the event, mentioned, “The kids were very excited in the morning before the conference. I also thought the events were very good because they were structured to interest the kids.”

During one of the stations, students discussed current issues with kids from other schools. Students were gathered in small groups and brainstormed solutions for numerous unfortunate scenarios occurring in California and across the world. Topics included the recent northern Bay Area wildfires, water recycling and conservation, gender and racial equality, and poverty reduction. Given the diverse backgrounds, Galileo students were able to learn news ideas from each other that they could apply to their own school and community. “One thing we talked about were ways for our schools to reduce pollution, spread climate change awareness, and help the homeless,” said senior Lisha Li.

Students were also taught factors that contributed to successful public speaking such as body language and tone. They participated in impromptu speeches, which enabled the groups to learn from their peers as brave individuals took on a random topic and proceeded to speak about it for a minute. “For the impromptu activity, I was surprised how tough it was to come up with a speech right then and there,” said senior Denny Chen of his experience.

Finally, kayaking was offered as a means for students to build stronger relationships given how they had to work in pairs to navigate around the beach. Kayla Lam, who kayaked with senior Marlene Tran, stated, “it was really fun because [she] never experienced it before.” She also mentioned how it allowed her to learn more about water houses and the animals nearby, in addition to being able to see the city from a different point of view.

Finally, students were also introduced to a new international service project at the FLC. According to senior Valerie Le, who’s on the council that organizes it, this year’s project is called H2O Open Doors, which raises money to buy water purifiers for third-world countries that do not have access to clean water.

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