Cheer Team Places 2nd In Competition

After a season of constant consistent practices and commitment, the hard work of the Galileo Cheer team paid off as they place 2nd in the cheer division at the annual AAA Cheer competition at Burton High School on December 9th. In addition to placing 2nd in the cheer division, they also placed 4th in stunts & 6th in dance.

The team was very proud of their 2nd place finish because they spent the most time working on their cheer routine. “We only had two weeks to practice our stunt and dance routine, compared to having over a month to practice with the cheer routine,” says senior cheer captain Carol Lei.

In addition the team was also satisfied with their cheer finish because they were able place higher than their rivals, Lincoln, who came in 3rd. “It felt great to beat Lincoln because they always win in the cheer category and the fact that we beat them by like ten points was like wow.”

What made placing 2nd even more satisfying was the obstacles the team had to overcome throughout the course of the season. The cheer team started out with over 20 people, but by the end of the season, only 9 actually performed at the competition.

Part of the reason so few members participated in the competition was that Coach Williams, and the captain’s, Carol & Joenna, were serious about commitment to the team. Those who were not consistent about going to practice were kicked off the team, while those who didn’t make grades were not allowed to perform at the competition.

Despite all of the difficulties for the Cheer team, they ended the season on a positive note. “Even though we only placed second, everyone did their best and proudly represented Galileo,” expressed Joenna Situ, senior cheer captain.

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