New Nurse, Gal Alum

A Galileo graduate is now the new school nurse, as Ms. Vivian Tsui, class of 2010, took over for Ms. Juanita Davis at the end of November. After working at a nursing facility for the  last year, Nurse Tsui felt compelled to apply as a school nurse in San Francisco after hearing about the opportunity from a coworker.

Although she has only been at Galileo for a few weeks, Nurse Tsui has had a flood of memories related to her time as a student. While in high school, she was not involved in clubs or sports, but has many fond thoughts of her time with friends. Nurse Tsui also says she remembers 11th grade counselor, Ms. Chan, as someone who was always caring and kind to her.

Nurse Tsui is excited to take on this new endeavor as she now will be helping to prevent illnesses from happening as opposed to taking care of patients with illnesses. She believes working as a school nurse if more independent and allows you to create your own space. She says, “I’m excited to make new connections with staff and patients.” Her favorite part about being a nurse is making an impact on people’s lives and helping to create a safe environment for students.

Nurse Tsui graduated from medical school in 2015 and started working a year after. At the skilled nursing facility, she took care of patients for 2-4 weeks in physical therapy. She mainly helped out elderly and those who suffered from more serious illnesses.

When she isn’t helping students, Nurse Tsui enjoys hiking, jogging, and traveling road trips out in nature, to places like national parks.

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